“Venezia Liquida” explores the intricate canals of the city telling how its inhabitants are facing the threats that are putting in jeopardy its existence: climate change, the rise of waters and mass tourism.

Venezia Liquida is a cinematographic boat ride. 12 Venetians will guide the spectators in a travel through the intricate canals of the city, the only place where the very authentic Venice can still be found, a hidden bastion resisting to the banality of the tourist homogenisation.

An interactive documentary that will allow the audience to choose whether to be guided on a one-hour trip or to select its route among more than 2 hours of audio-visual contents.

A project meant for those who want to know Venice beyond the stereotypes.

A cultural initiative to protect a city that is unique in the world.
An innovative tool for those who are ready to visit it.


  • VENEZIA E LA LOTTA PER SOPRAVVIVERE AI CAMBIAMENTI CLIMATICI E AL TURISMO DI MASSA Un documentario per raccontare come i veneziani affrontino giorno per giorno i problemi causati dal turismo di massa e dal cambiamento climatico. Un viaggio alla scoperta di quella città ancora vivace ed autentica che sopravvive nell’intrico dei canali veneziani, al riparo dall’affollamento e dalla banalizzazione turistica che stanno trasformando l’intera città in un parco a tema.   Venezia Liquida è un progetto trans-mediale pensato per offrire allo spettatore la possibilità di scegliere tra diverse modalità di fruizione, ognuna complementare all’altra: dal documentario lungometraggio al web-doc interattivo, all’esperienza di Realtà Virtuale,

  • I am Venetian and, as many of my fellow citizens, I can say that “I was born on a boat". Ever since my childhood my father taught me to row and steer a boat that seemed to me a gondola, then when I was a boy I discovered Venetian traditional sailing boats and their characteristic coloured “lugsails”. Sailing my boat I began to explore the islands of the lagoon, a forgotten archipelago consisting of a mix of wild islands and isolated hamlets with coloured houses. My passion for boats continued even when I grew up, so I obtained a degree discussing a

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